Put a Lid on It – Exposing the Pornography Trap.

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Pornography is a concerning issue for parents today. And it should be. Statistics tell us that children are being exposed to pornography before 11-years-old, which is not too difficult to imagine, when considering the use of internet enabled mobile devices.

But how can we explain this issue to our children when we can hardly make sense of it ourselves? Don’t worry! This book will empower you to have this difficult conversation with your kids, without stumbling over the right words to say, or worrying that you might say too much.

With a Christ-centered focus, this practical text will start the conversation between parents and children. Suitable to read with children over 6-years-old and essential before they are given an Internet-enabled device.

What are people saying about ‘Put a Lid on It – Exposing the pornography trap’?

Children being exposed to pornography is not a matter of if, but when. Whilst computer filters have their place parents need to encourage and educate their children to have internal filters to protect their heart and mind. Emily has handled this very important topic with great sensitivity, to empower parents to address this issue. The language and concepts used will make it easy for children to understand.
Brett Ryan CEO Focus on the Family Australia
Children are our most precious treasure and deserve our protection. Their God-given right to innocence should be non-negotiable, and what is in their best interest should be our highest priority. Whilst recognising the harm being done to Australian children through access to pornography, many parents and educators feel unsure how to approach the subject to the children in their care and prepare them to live a godly life. What Emily has done in “Put a Lid on It” is to explain gently to her readers, from a strong Christian worldview, why pornography is damaging and wrong, and also equip them with the tools to guard their eyes and minds from material that will only ever hurt them and all of those around them. Thank you Emily.
Wendy Francis Australian Christian Lobby
One of the great Pastoral issues of our time is having to deal with the epidemic of pornography addiction. What parents don’t realise is that they are on the front line of this battle because for many addicts it is the exposure to pornography as a child from the youngest age that becomes critical to this development in later years. But what can parents do? By the time they find out there is a problem it’s way too late. We can put our heads in the sand and say “not my child”, or we can put all the practical safeguards in place, but none of these address the real problem: the child’s heart. Emily Olivia has done just that in ‘Put a Lid on it’. She has given a unique and much needed means to prepare and protect children because this book equips the children themselves rather than just warning the parents. Do not put your head in the sand. Your children need this book.Bill Medley Frankston Presbyterian Minister