Put a Lid on It – Exposing the Pornography Trap


Pornography is a concerning issue for parents today. And it should be. Statistics tell us that children are being exposed to pornography before 11-years-old, which is not too difficult to imagine, when considering the use of internet enabled mobile devices.

But how can we explain this issue to our children when we can hardly make sense of it ourselves? Don’t worry! This book will empower you to have this difficult conversation with your kids, without stumbling over the right words to say, or worrying that you might say too much.

With a Christ-centered focus, this practical text will start the conversation between parents and children. Suitable to read with children over 6-years-old and essential before they are given an Internet-enabled device.



If your child has an Internet-enabled device, make sure they get a copy of ‘Put a Lid on It’ as well!  Recommended for children under 11 years of age and suitable to read from 6-years-old.

We CAN address pornography with our kids and it doesn’t have to be difficult.  Empower yourself by reading with your children.  It’s a natural, easy way to communicate your message.  I’ve given you the right words so that you don’t have to stumble over how much to say.  Use this book as a platform to build into everyday conversation.

“The language and concepts used will make it easy for children to understand” – Brett Ryan CEO Focus of the Family Australia

“[This book will] equip them with the tools to guard their eyes and minds.” – Wendy Francis Australian Christian Lobby

“Do not put your head in the sand.  Your children need this book.” – Bill Medley Frankston Presbyterian Church Minister